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Node tips if node is not stable


1. Run node separately from client. Exit client if you are not using it.

2. Stable internet connection is a must. Check you internet connection.

3. Check your firewall and antivirus program. Turn off firewall and antivirus program to check if they are making problems. If node is stable when you turn of firewall and antivirus you must add Idena node to white list. How to do it depends on programs you use.

4. In some cases router is making problems. Check your router RAM memory and processor speed. My router have 32MB RAM and 400MHz processor speed. If you are buying new, then buy better than this one.

5. Run node on VPS. When you can't make your node stable on PC use VPS. Recommended minimal RAM memory for VPS at this time is 2GB.


If you think that we can add something more here feel free to contact me.



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